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Member Benefits

For the cost of one adjustment a month, Carolina Chiropractors promises to promote and protect your profession…and your future. Membership is by invitation only and you are welcome to apply here at any time.

Your membership includes:

Public Education and Marketing

Carolina Chiropractors are constantly developing marketing tools and PR materials to impact our doctor’s personal and practice success. On behalf of all Carolina Chiropractors, by omitting over-inflated salaries, our members will see the benefit of their hard-earned money furthering Chiropractic in North Carolina. By investing in powerful statewide marketing efforts and cutting edge social media, patients will finally be inspired to seek your office.

Education Courses

Affordable certification training and continuing education programs for doctors and CA’s are offered as online courses, in-person classroom sessions, and annual conventions. As part of your membership, you will be eligible for generous discounts on select programs. Platinum Memberships also include access to some of our CA certification training at no additional cost.

Practice Management Tips

Practice success strategies will be provided via email and videos to help with various staffing challenges and tips for practice growth. Helping our doctors succeed and have healthy, stable practices is our primary mission.

Legislative Action

The Carolina Chiropractors organization will work hard on chiropractic issues at the grassroots level and in the Legislature. Our chief legislative goal is to remove the shackles of managed care in North Carolina, fight for fair DIRECT ACCESS with insurance companies and allow our doctors to be free again. Favorable and ethical chiropractic legislation assures a positive future for all chiropractors.

Independent Voice

Carolina Chiropractors believe in Chiropractic truth and the sanctity of the Doctor/Patient relationship. We will vigorously defend our profession, never compromise on medical necessity and will firmly speak out to protect our vitalistic roots that made Chiropractic great. As a member, you will be kept in-the-loop on a regular basis on what is happening with our profession.

Membership Options

Basic Membership: $350 paid in full.

Platinum Membership: $649 includes Basic Membership PLUS two CA certifications, two CA Re-Certification classes and two CA x-ray re-certifications ($878 value)